Food and beverage promotion should pay attention to what issues

promotion, presumably a lot of shop investors have done such a thing, is to increase their brand sales and sales promotion. Many fast food restaurants do promotional activities for temporary and short-term activities, aimed at promoting sales, if not handled properly, but will have a negative effect on long-term revenue and reputation of fast food restaurants. So, Wei Jia Xi’an cold noodle stores, promotional activities should pay attention to what the problem, please look down.

food and beverage promotion should pay attention to what problems?

Xi’an weijiade cold noodle shops in the promotional activities, must pay attention to:


must ensure that the activity does not give Xi’an Wei cold noodle stores the overall image of a negative role. The activities conducted by the products and services must be with the cold noodle shop itself reputation consistent.

second, select the appropriate promotional objects and scale. When conducting promotional activities, participants should be carefully selected and identified in order to limit the participation of those who are unlikely to become regular participants in order to maximize the effectiveness of promotions. Of course, if the restrictions are too strict, it will bring too few participants can not achieve the expected size and influence.

third, promotional activities must be able to bring the corresponding economic and social benefits for the Wei family cold noodle shop. In particular, to expand the cold noodle shop in the peak season and non business sales, and develop new markets and increase market level. At the same time, can also help the Weis cold noodle shops in the public in setting up the product rich and ensure the quality of the image.

fourth, select the appropriate promotion time. As with advertising and other promotional tools, the timing of promotional activities is also very important. Under normal circumstances, promotional activities should be selected in the off-season tourism, business downturn, as well as holidays and special significance date.

we need to pay attention to is the length of time the promotional activities should be moderate, because the time is too short, many potential customers may be due to various reasons, did not attend, but the time is too long, it will make the guest misunderstanding, the Xi’an weijiade cold noodle store activities and real significance of doubt.

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