Beichuan Xining river ecological river construction project and Xining environmental comprehensive i

Recently, the provincial housing and urban construction department organizations inside and outside experts and relevant departments to review by the Beichuan River in Xining city (core) preliminary design of comprehensive regulation of ecological river construction engineering project of comprehensive management and environment in Xining using the world bank loan project project, create favorable conditions for promoting the smooth construction.

Beichuan River (core) ecological construction of River comprehensive management of a project is located in Ning Expressway on the west side of the road, Kang Jia Qiao south, north of Tianjun Road, Ning Zhang highway east of the region, planning a total area of 6.35 square kilometers, the main construction contents of the project include: Beichuan river river systems engineering and landscaping Riverside Garden, leisure culture, green space, courtyard Gallery Xuan and other landscape architecture and supporting roads, square pavement engineering, a total budget of 248 million yuan. The project of a new concept of city construction management, planning, design and construction of a high standard, highlight the local characteristics and cultural connotation, give full play to the main function of water into the city, and the ecological environment, leisure tourism and the development of surrounding land fully integrated, forming a new pattern of city construction integration of mountain water city ".

Xining environmental comprehensive management of World Bank Loan Project sub project mainly includes the processing system, sewage interception system, supporting road engineering, green engineering, Chaoyang electric canal comprehensive treatment engineering of Beichuan river area of city rainwater collection. The world bank loan project introduction and advanced engineering design concept, using LID for the first time in the water treatment system, reduce the cost of projects, can greatly reduce the city rainstorm impact load, Groundwater Conservation of city sewage treatment, garbage collection system, and improve the traffic road area network, greatly improve the ditches in project budget, a total investment of 430 million yuan. Comprehensive management of the Xining environment of the world bank loan project and the Beichuan River (core) ecological construction project of comprehensive control project of complement each other, the implementation of two projects will further promote the restoration of natural ecological environment, expand the development space, city to improve the city’s living environment, lay a good foundation for building ecological city.


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