Xining City, a new measure of corruption and then cross the intersection of centralized inspection d

The Dragon Boat Festival, according to the characteristics of the festival during the four wind problem prone, easy to rebound, the day before the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to make arrangements for the deployment of 2015 during the Dragon Boat Festival style construction concentrated inspection will take self-examination and cross check combination, the composition of inspection teams to Xining municipal departments and units launched a comprehensive inspection, to ensure that the city’s Party cadres over a delicate air festival.

the centralized examination from June 18th to 22, check the contents to see whether there are financial expenditure accounts, Gongjusiyong, private car public support and other issues; if there is a problem for flexible handling of other expenses in office supplies, vehicle maintenance fees, conference fees in the name; the existence of public funds tourism; the existence of public funds gifts dumplings, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies or welfare problems; check the farmhouse, restaurants and other catering places, there is no illegal public funds; check the tourist attractions, travel agencies, there is no bus travel, Gongjusiyong problem.Methods

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