Qinghai Grand Theater official website opened three ways to buy tickets

Since December 8th, the Western metropolis newspaper issued a large theater in Qinghai, the newspaper advertising department to set up the city after the ticket point of the message, came to the public flocked to buy tickets. In December 10th, a reporter from the Qinghai Grand Theatre center, Qinghai Grand Theatre website (http://s.qhdjy.com.cn) has been opened and tickets can be booked online, so far, the public can through to the Qinghai grand theater tickets, ticket center to set up in the newspaper outlets, ticket booking website of Qinghai Grand Theater online booking in three ways.

it is understood that since the launch of the Qinghai Grand Theatre Festival season after the relevant repertoire, every day will receive a lot of phone calls from the public. Among them, the consultation and the purchase of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013 New Year’s concert, ballet "Swan Lake" more tickets, children’s play "Cinderella" and "forever Red Star" is also of concern. The establishment of the advertising department sold in the city of group purchase ticket ticket more, many enterprises do not want to miss the wonderful new year’s repertoire, only more than and 20 days away from the Qinghai Grand Theatre Festival season, you want to purchase the public can purchase through the following ways. Newspaper will also be the first time to report the performance of dynamic information, please pay attention. (author: Zhou Jianping)


A, to the Qinghai grand theater ticket center (Sea Lake New District Center) ticket Tel: 7329992

B, to the West Sea city newspaper advertising outlets (No. 10 Changjiang Road, the west side of the garden on the west side of the triangle) tickets: Tel: 96369 or 8211760

C, the official website of the Qinghai Grand Theater online booking (http://s.qhdjy.com.cn)

Qinghai Grand Theatre "Spring Festival season" program table

show: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 2013 New Year Concert

performance time: December 30, 2012 19:30 (1 field)

performing group: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra,

, Czech

– Show: "forever Red Star"

performance time: January 7, 2013 19:30 (1 field)

performing group: Russian Red Army Red Star Song and dance ensemble

show: Ballet Swan Lake

performance time: January 8, 2013 -9 19:30 (2 field)

performing group: Russian National Theatre

—- the children’s play "Cinderella"

performance time: January 19, 2013 -20

group: Beijing children’s Art Theatre


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