Xining to create a good environment for the college entrance examination

the afternoon of June 6th, the municipal government organized education, environmental protection, transportation, public security, health and other departments to carry out an inspection of the city entrance test centers around the comprehensive environment, to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination in 2013, a smooth and orderly.

inspection team deep into the Xining third, Xining tiger Taiwan School Test Center, carefully check before the preparatory work, on-site coordination to solve the problem, each inspection team, listened carefully to the center for the implementation of the work, and carefully check the examination platform of monitoring equipment and papers secret room, listening to a foreign language phonetic system, online inspection system school monitoring, surrounding environment, a detailed understanding of the overall situation of college entrance test preparation.

inspection team pointed out that it is necessary to do a good job in the logistics of the test sites and health and safety work for the candidates and examiners to do a good job of service, to create a good environment for the examination, to ensure the smooth entrance candidates. All departments should careful organization and deployment, seize the time, the campus surrounding environment, traffic, noise, power supply and other issues go all out to solve the center school, try our best to do a good job during the college entrance examination service, to create a safe, quiet and warm environment for the college entrance examination examination candidates, to ensure that the work of no danger of anything going wrong. Let the masses satisfied. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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