How to open children’s English training institutions

we know that children’s English training institutions are faced with children, so for the children’s English training institutions operators, to master certain skills is very important. How to open children’s English training institutions? What are the precautions? Today Xiaobian to tell you about the children’s English language training institutions attention!

The ability of

two, encourage interaction. English learning is an interactive process. As the famous educator Halliday said: "the mother tongue and the second language learning is a cognitive process, its form of expression is the continuous exchange of self and others." ABC English has always emphasized interactive teaching. In the process of teaching, students and teachers interact, there is interaction between students and students.

three, discuss and support collaborative conversation. How to open the children’s English training institutions in communicative language teaching to promote students to exchange ideas, to solve practical problems, and to reach a consensus understanding, stimulate children’s motivation and desire to talk. ABC English teacher will be in the course of the students in group practice, will be divided into several students TEAM". There is a collaboration between each TEAM internal student, there will be confrontation between different TEAM. This way of teaching, so that each participant can actively participate in.

five, to create a relaxed, pleasant and supportive learning environment. Create a positive learning environment for children, eliminate children learn English in fear, support challenging activities and adventure, with associated with the child’s life interesting topic, cultivate children all aspects of conservation. ABC English requires that each room must have a reading room, English corner, entertainment room and so on. The children can eliminate their fear of English and increase their interest in English learning.

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