Network security is Luo Jianhua

today, the wide application of Internet technology, a profound change and affect people’s production and life, provide a strong impetus for economic development, inject great vitality into social progress, brings great convenience to people. Look around, access to information through the Internet, learning exchanges, shopping and entertainment, entrepreneurship…… Internet access, online interaction has become a lot of people’s living conditions. Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) thirty-eighth "development Chinese Internet Statistics Report" released by the end of June 2016, Chinese scale up to 710 million Internet users, 656 million mobile phone users per week online, 26.5 hours, 710 million users per person per day on average 3.8 hours of network.

should be noted that with the rapid development of Internet, network security issues become increasingly prominent, network attacks, network security and other terrorist incidents have occurred, the invasion of personal privacy, steal personal information, Internet fraud money and other criminal acts have occurred, Internet pornography, Internet rumors and other It is often seen., has become a serious problem affecting national security and the people privacy and property safety. From the recently released "2016 ten Tencent security network security incident", Xu Yuyu’s prospective students telecommunications fraud cases, the death China security team winning the first hacker "World Cup" tournament Pwn2Own World Championship and other events, has fully demonstrated the seriousness of the current situation of network security. In this regard, the maintenance of network security, standardize the network order, purify the network environment has become the common voice of the majority of the people. Qinghai Province in 2016 and recently launched a network security awareness week is to adapt to social expectations, people look forward to, and promote the formation of good environment to build network security, shared network civilization, and create a good atmosphere for everyone, everyone involved in the network security.

all things first. Without security, nothing can be said. Network security, network development complement each other, leaving the security of the dam, the network can not be healthy development, sustainable development. On the Internet, it is actually a double-edged sword, if used well, it is the Alibaba’s treasure, there are inexhaustible treasures; use is not good, it would become a Pandora’s box, endless harm to people. It can be said that network security is not only related to national security and national development, but also directly related to the vital interests of each netizen.

network security benefit everyone, the maintenance of network security is everyone’s responsibility. However, network security will not naturally form, it will not automatically come, it depends on the joint efforts of the whole society. As general secretary Xi Jinping in this year’s network security and information technology work of the forum pointed out that the network security for the people, by the people to maintain network security, network security is the common responsibility of the whole society, the government, enterprises, social organizations, the majority of Internet users to participate, build a network security defense. In this case, the spring breeze of the network security awareness week, each of us should strengthen the common participation of Internet users, the main protagonist of positive action awareness. Each of us only to do the Internet when everyone is the master, each bear responsibility, to gather together to maintain a strong network security;

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