Annual price increase is expected to be controlled at 3.8%

Since August, the city has taken a series of measures to stabilize the effectiveness of price control highlights, the annual price increase is expected to achieve 3.8% of the control objectives, the city, district level change, business and other departments to pay the hard work. On December 30th, vice mayor Xu Guocheng proposed insurance for price stability in the inspection, the relevant departments according to the current market supply and demand and price situation, to carry out centralized transportation of vegetables, the new market cultivation and norms, at the same time, the wholesale market management organization in a supermarket selling households don’t let people buy vegetables, a wholesale and the retail price of vegetables. It is understood that, in order to ensure the supply of fresh vegetables in the market during the festival, the recent increase in the city of Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places of vegetables and transportation, and the Sichuan agreement with 300 tons of fresh vegetables shipped every day. In the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center Pengzhou vegetable franchise area, Xu Guocheng asked relevant departments to do during the holiday season vegetables transported to ensure the supply of vegetables, the strict implementation of the zero slip from the classification to the classification control, and asked relevant departments according to the recent Longjiao price is relatively high on the allocation of these vegetables varieties, and make the relevant subsidies. Xu Guocheng and his party also went to Jia small farmers market, Mo Street integrated farmers market, a large number of public stores, Xinyuan slaughterhouse inspection of vegetable direct sales, government subsidies and meat market supply prices, etc.. Xu Guocheng pointed out that the relevant departments should start from the transfer link, immediately organized wholesale business households in 100, Hualian, Hakka and other benefits of supermarket distribution direct selling vegetables, let people buy a wholesale and retail price of vegetables, for business and sales will be through the Yijiangdaibu form of subsidies. It is reported that in the straight, limit, put a series of measures to ensure that the price of beef and mutton in our city has been effectively controlled, pork prices have been unchanged for several consecutive months 12 yuan per kilogram.  

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