North of the city to the eighteen spirit as the driving force for development

day, the north area of Party organizations and Party members and cadres and the masses to take a variety of forms to learn the spirit of eighteen, will become a powerful driving force of eighteen spirit cohesion and morale, scientific development, better to do practical things for the people of north.

the party organizations at all levels to actively organize party members and cadres and the masses through lectures, seminars, lectures, tours and other forms of training, organization of more than 500 cadres, deep rural communities, schools and non-public economic organizations, and the people face to face interaction, authentic explain eighteen spirit, and to "diary" as the carrier, and talk with the masses on the node, analysis of comprehensive and detailed investigation on the situation of economic development, basic infrastructure construction, to help the masses explanation. At the same time, the region of the actual rural, community organizations with community publicity column, LED electronic display screen use, timely published a eighteen meeting of the study and implementation, and the organization of cultural center, folk culture and art enthusiasts created more than 10 of the spirit of eighteen, eulogize the fruits of victory of literary works.

in addition, the authorities at all levels have also carried out the study of the implementation of the eighteen spiritual activities. District construction bureau Party committee in the study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to pay attention to important points, small start, for the region covers lost, damage and other problems, and actively raise funds, organize forces to the area’s primary and secondary roads and streets to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the train station was re laying on the sidewalk, lost and damaged manhole cover the change, to ensure that the people and vehicles travel safety and drainage facilities in good condition. The District People Club Bureau of Party branch in the people’s livelihood, promote employment, safeguard the rights of migrant workers to work to take practical action to implement the eighteen spirit, accelerate the coverage of social insurance, to protect the fundamental interests of the people, as of now, a total of 19 training courses, training staff of 902 people. (author: Wang Ding)

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