Datong County Bridge, Yellow River, East gap, good education, treasure five towns to carry out food

8 21, Qiaotou town government held to strengthen the school food safety work conference, the village, the community secretary, director of the town cadres, a total of 85 people attended the meeting. The meeting conveyed the Datong County food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee forwarded the Xining Municipal Food Safety Committee on Further Strengthening the work of food safety in Xining city notice. Asked the village, the community to do the following work: one is to strengthen leadership, strengthen the awareness of the importance of school food safety, must not have the slightest slack. The two is the school is on the occasion of the opening, the contact as soon as possible with area schools, kindergartens, explore and gradually establish "duties, school food safety supervision mechanism of concerted efforts, and constantly improve the food security level of the school; three is to carry out food safety publicity and education activities, popularization of food safety laws and regulations and science knowledge, enhance students awareness of food safety, improve the ability to prevent and deal with food safety risk, enhance the supervision of school staff’s sense of responsibility and integrity of law-abiding operators around the school food awareness, create human care and maintenance of school food safety good atmosphere.

in order to further strengthen the food safety work, Qiaotou town government by the autumn school, from the beginning of August 28th, the deputy mayor Qi Honge, Vice Minister of the Ministry of armed forces under the leadership of Comrade Lu Guoqing to the village schools, kindergartens and schools around the canteen, restaurant, food business operators to carry out supervision and inspection. Asked the village to make full use of billboards, blackboard etc. carry out food safety publicity and education activities, popularization of food safety laws and regulations, to ensure the public food safety requirements of people; the primary and secondary schools and give full play to advantages of education, through classroom teaching, knowledge lectures, theme class meetings, social practice and other activities, carried out in the form of health education diverse, lively and vivid, cultivate good personal health habits of students; schools around the canteen, food business operators should not operating expired food, "three" food, ensure the legitimate business.

9 3, the township government organizations, health centers, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, the center of the school leadership in the area of school, kindergarten canteens and schools around the canteen law enforcement supervision and inspection. The inspection focused on the health status of the staff canteen, food safety facilities, environmental sanitation, food processing practices, food purchase inspection certificate and invoice ledger records, the food safety management system, school feeding food samples, the school launched the safety of drinking water and school students nutritious meals such as food safety, traffic safety risks, put forward rectification measures. The certificate of food in check tickets and purchase inspection records, ledger flies against insects in dust and other facilities, food storage, food safety operation, samples and other aspects of the detailed guidance and norms, the problems timely rectification, and under the supervision of the submissions sent.

8 30 July September 2nd, Dongxia town government to protect the area of campus food safety, led by the deputy mayor, the joint industry and commerce, yamen Village police station, carry food and drug safety inspection in the area, through increased inspection efforts, implement the "check in place, staff in place, rectification;

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