A total of four linkage Huang River erosion

The reporter learned from the provincial water conservancy departments, over the years, the province continues to increase the comprehensive management of soil and water conservation and ecological water in Hehuang area efforts, since the last century in 50s, people spontaneously sporadic governance so far, regional soil erosion area of 3330.02 square kilometers, more than 300 small watershed, the initial formation of the network supervision and county and Township Comprehensive Prevention and control. Hehuang Valley is located in the northeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau bordering the pastoral areas, since ancient times is one of the development of China’s western agriculture earlier, has an important position in the national economic and social development of the province. With the construction of the eastern city group, accelerating the Huangshui River Valley economic development, urbanization. For the limited water resources, scientific and rational use of recently proposed comprehensive countermeasures for ecological environment of the Huangshui River Valley Water Conservancy Department in our province, the main contents are: focus on the implementation of comprehensive ecological management and good ring surrounding areas of Xining, Huangshui River Basin comprehensive management, the ecological environment of the Loess Hilly and gully region of the prevention and control of soil erosion and ecological agriculture comprehensive demonstration the ecological environment and management ability construction of the eastern arid mountainous area ecological environment protection and construction projects, continue to promote the Xining South Mountain Green Ecological Engineering construction. The small watershed management, artificial afforestation, forest conservation of soil and water conservation measures, the formation of mountains, water, forests, fields and roads comprehensive protection system, improve the ecological environment; to improve the Hehuang area comprehensive management mode of soil erosion of different areas, pay attention to and make full use of self repair function, ecosystem restoration of vegetation, further increase the supervision and prevention and protection efforts, accelerate the pace of governance of soil erosion, protect the ecological safety of water; give full play to regional advantages, relying on the abundant agricultural resources of beef and mutton, milk, wool, potato, beans, rape, sand spine, fruit characteristics, Tibetan medicine and other characteristics and advantages, speed up the pace of agricultural construction in Hehuang hundred miles Gallery features.  

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