The province’s private finance to achieve information regulation

April 11th, the provincial finance office held in Qinghai folk financial platform to help the real economy forum, the meeting released the Qinghai folk financial Internet Ecosystem platform. The platform as the core business, the real transaction data as the basis, combined with the on-site inspection, the folk financial supervision in our province by hand to the supervision of the information supervision, supervision to advance to find out, to achieve a sustained monitoring of the status of folk finance risk and dynamic analysis, greatly enhance the efficiency of supervision.

research and development of the province’s private finance Internet Ecosystem platform to the province of small loans, security services, Internet banking business into the field of non real time supervision, which is the first case in the country. The platform will also be based on data collection and analysis, to create a local financial index for the province’s investment and financing needs of institutions and individuals to provide market-oriented private financial interest rate guidance. At the same time, the data analysis will generate a risk assessment report based on the outline of the folk financial "hologram", to further grasp the real situation of private capital, resolving the local financial risks play an important role. The start of the platform will improve the province’s financial ecological environment, to guide the drift of private capital into the real economy, improve financial services capabilities are of great significance. After the forum, the provincial finance office will be aimed at the platform, the province of small loans, guarantee institutions for system training, and the use of the platform to check.

forum, the provincial finance office also invited well-known experts on the road of China’s private finance Pratt & Whitney, private financial development and innovation of the road made a special lecture.


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