Qinghai, the first batch of rural housing mortgage loans secured property rights

recently, Huangyuan county and Pingxiang Racecourse village 11 farmers with their own housing property rights, access to the Agricultural Bank of China Qinghai branch of the loan of $420 thousand for the development of rural leisure farmhouse". This is the National People’s Congress authorized to temporarily adjust the implementation provisions of relevant laws, the first batch of loans to farmers housing property mortgage in our province, marking the Qinghai province rural homestead system reform entered the implementation stage.

it is reported that rural housing property mortgage loans, in the premise of insisting on public ownership of land property does not change under the mortgage loans to housing property for Guarantee Corporation, through the platform, not only let farmers enjoy the government "Yijiangdaibu interest" preferential policies, but also to ensure good effect for bank risk prevention, and help farmers to really solve the "no mortgage, loans, loans of the problem.

in order to effectively promote the work smoothly, the Agricultural Bank of China Qinghai branch to the sole province of the 59 rural homestead system reform pilot county — Huangyuan County as a pilot, in accordance with the requirements of the pilot work, on the basis of safeguarding the interests of farmers and herdsmen, effective risk prevention, combined with the Xining municipal government to implement the "Golden Harvest service Huiwanjia project, from the government, banks, farmers of the three overall consideration, through the house with the property as collateral to the Guarantee Corporation for the third party and the letter of guarantee issued by the appropriate way to construct the herdsmen mortgage risk mitigation and collateral disposal mechanism.

according to reports, the next step will be to Qinghai branch of Agricultural Bank of China Huangyuan area of rural housing property right mortgage loan for the pilot, and gradually increase the flow of credit in the county, efforts to support the planting and cultivation of agricultural and sideline products purchasing, processing, storage, distribution, transportation and other industries, farmers and herders, family farms, farmers and herdsmen specialized cooperative organization and other large breeding demonstration in accordance with the conditions of the farmers, to minimize the cost of credit, the credit needs of the majority of farmers.


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