How to open a furniture store is better

with the people’s living conditions in continuous changing, the higher requirements of the quality of life is in constant change, the furniture industry began to hot up, has shown a strong vitality and vigor, so many people began the entrepreneurial vision at the furniture store. But if you want to successfully run a furniture store, you need to do a good job purchasing. So, what are the purchase channels furniture store? Here, the channel Xiaobian to introduce you to three channels.

is now a dazzling variety of brand furniture Merchants join

advertising is now some of the brand is actually joined the brand is not a real manufacturer, usually on behalf of the processing. I believe you can see the XX manufacturers to produce the product name inside the XXX brand on behalf of processing products…… This kind of investment brand, personal point of view, for reference only, very black.

two is the wholesale market purchase

open furniture store how to purchase? If it is the local wholesale market, then your products and a number of products around the same, so that the profit space is not good. Open a furniture store. Many things are made of mainland goods. If it is to Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, where their shipments, the effect should be good.

said it again, so the preparation of the shipment should be sufficient. Go to these places to investigate the cost of the market, but also a lot of Oh ~ ~, and some goods, a small amount of time, the price is not suitable for retail. If you can help in some foreign friends, it is awfully.

three is a direct purchase from manufacturers

of course, this is the best profit, but the financial pressure is relatively large, the number of manufacturers shipped more than wholesalers there, to prepare enough funds and warehouses. In case of poor sales of goods to the backlog of time, there will be a large amount of money pressure phenomenon. So have enough mental ability.

open furniture store how to purchase? If you are in small and medium cities, their product price may not be suitable for the local consumption level, but also some franchisees do well, this is not too good to say. If it is in large and medium cities, do you have enough money to make him stand out from the many brands? And large and medium cities to join the relatively high cost.

there is one thing that some of the franchise brand, the product does not have a very good protection mechanism, if there is time, go to the south to focus on the production of a place around, you can find the same thing. Of course, if the financial strength is very good, you can not care about tens of thousands of dollars to buy their brand authorization, you can consider joining.

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