Changzhou the first Jiangsu vocational school entrepreneurship contest ended

in the occupation school promotion propaganda is to adapt to the social trend of choice, is of great significance, the occupation school gradually pay attention to entrepreneurship education, guiding students to innovation, to build a business platform, to further enhance the level of entrepreneurship education occupation school.

11 from 7 to 8, the first Jiangsu vocational school entrepreneurship contest held in Liu Guojun vocational and technical school. Shen Jian, deputy director of the Provincial Department of education and vice mayor Wang Chengbin attended the opening ceremony.

the competition for business plan competition, entrepreneurship practice challenge, outstanding entrepreneurial graduates and teachers of entrepreneurship education teaching achievement award competition of 4 projects, the first two are divided into vocational and vocational group two groups. The contest started from March this year, after the preliminaries, semi-finals, 161 entries, 13 finalists. The competition site also focused on the outstanding achievements of the 69 graduates of the school and entrepreneurial practice challenge project of the 80 graduates.

the contest sponsored by the provincial education department, province occupation technology education association, City Board of education and vocational school by Liu Guojun.

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