Street to promote entrepreneurship and innovation ideas to the masses of the most intimate entrepren

with double activities from top to bottom gradually carry out, the majority of community street units also joined the ranks of actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. Laoshan Mountain District, China and South Korea street people want to think about the social sector, to the masses of the most intimate entrepreneurial security.

area wide, corporate buildings, labor demand, migrant population, has been characteristic of Han street, how to ensure that residents have the right to work, how to meet the area business and employment needs, but also for the "key streets in 2016". In January 29th, China and South Korea street of human resources and community security service center director Chen Lin told reporters that in 2016, the street agency will continue to perform in the relevant provisions of national social work, for the sake of the residents, truly "employment without trouble, business security".

"we plan throughout the year (2016) will be held on-site recruitment of more than 20 games, and collected about 20 thousand jobs, actively carry out the employment role." Chen Lin told reporters that the street community sector in 2016 the focus of the work is focus on the employment of major construction projects within the jurisdiction of the street, "according to the Laoshan District People Club bureau to give us data, Laoshan district will have more than and 80 key construction projects in 2016, our task is to ensure that these projects meet the employment needs, at the same time for street area residents to provide employment counseling help, go for the two sides to bypass."

"founded" and creating home "has been put on the agenda." Chen Lin said, in order to speed up the construction of business incubators, and street community sector in accordance with the relevant policy requirements, explore farmers market, decorative city grass-roots entrepreneurship resources, to fight in the street area, to create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship. "We will do with the identification of business incubators, help entrepreneurs to implement the entrepreneurship policy, will also help us South Korea hit off their occupation skills training and entrepreneurship training, let them build up the family fortunes."

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