Steal 300 yuan sentenced to 11 years do not do things to regret

know it is illegal to steal things, why should the risks? There are hands and feet to be able to earn their own money to support themselves, there is no need to do such a dangerous thing. Recently, a thief stole 300 yuan sentenced too late for regrets, for 11 years, also want it to more people warned!


man Burglary "steal" 300 yuan was sentenced to 11 years, it is because in the process of stealing the knife hurt the victim, will be sentenced for so long. In order to steal 300 yuan, the results for the past 11 years in prison, but also a fine of $1000. Tell us about it: don’t think the thieves didn’t what, every minute change big, too late to regret.

in court, arguing that he and the victim Liu Xiong did not know each other, just want to go to the room on the night to steal something, but not to steal money. In the dispute, he took a knife to the bear, it is not clear that there is no scratch him, then fled, he thought his behavior does not constitute robbery.


On the basis of

: Court of first instance held that Liu burglary after resisting arrest and violence on the spot, nature of behavior from theft into robbery. Whether take Xiong 300 yuan, Liu confessed in the police investigation during documented, and Xiong’s statements and testimony of Witness Lee is confirmed, confirmed a bear robbed 300 yuan, accordingly, the court found Liu Xiong grabbed 300 yuan, constitute the crime of robbery.



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