Operating restaurants need to avoid what errors

food and beverage industry in nowadays rapid development, there are many restaurants in various regions of the country, in fact, no matter the size of the restaurant is large or small, have to suffer in the market competition, to attract business is not an easy thing, so the right to run a restaurant to avoid misunderstanding what?

1. open restaurant is to join the fun

2. operating rigid

What do

, networking is the key, and many restaurant owners will be such a problem after appearing in the restaurant business, regardless of their old acquaintances or strangers, have inflexible, do not pay attention to his old friends and relationships and face, not discounted, but no matter how long the restaurant business. Do not transform tricks, more style, or in accordance with the old tastes and operating varieties of management, will not let old customers, new customers will stay.

3. failed to grasp the opportunity to market error assessment

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