To cultivate college students entrepreneurship Betta harvest their wealth of life

fighting birds insects such activities we take it as a personal interest to look at it as a way to look at the nature of culture, but there is such a student, with their love of fun Betta, created a wealth of life.

white face, thin body, shy smile, Song Xinhuan is full of bookish 90 students.

"fish hawk loves fish, every time his father caught a pretty little fish, he begged his father, the little fish stay, and kept in a glass tank. Most of the time, he also raised more than and 20 fish.

of new varieties of cultivated fish

2011, in addition to planting a few acres of land outside, Song Xinhuan’s father also tried breeding up loach and Monopterus albus, want to take more money for the family. But do not want to, years of losses so that the family into a dilemma.

2012, his college entrance examination scores more than a line more than and 20 points, although there are a lot of better choices, but he is still very dedicated to the choice of aquaculture professional Anhui Agriculture University.

in October of that year, he worked from home and Guangzhou were to buy a round tail and red and blue opercularis, do experiment convalesce. In the summer of 2013, the staff of professional teacher and Fishery Bureau’s help, he began breeding and research Betta after long time, finally in second years of exploration, the successful completion of the hybrid experiment round tail, red and blue opercularis of. He finally bred new varieties of strong disease resistance with good appearance.


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