99% of the world’s wealth uses the following rules

when we go to understand a brand, we naturally think of its positioning, because an accurate positioning of the brand and its consumers will soon form a common understanding. Whether it is to create a brand or brand life planning, you need to know how to locate. 99% of the world’s wealth has applied the following positioning, it is worth learning.

1, the use of product positioning

The difference of

products and competitors to positioning, is a way.

2, according to the main features or the interests of consumers to locate

It is clear,

bounty paper towel to try to tell you that water is the fastest boss".

3, from the user preferences positioning

The use of

This time

, if you can find your loyal consumers, and according to user preferences, accurate service to them, do they understand the advertisement, then you are not far from success.

4, according to the use of positioning

Makiro as "night love Makiro" hot, but greater success in "weekend is Makiro", of course change of beer market was also having an effect on them.

to be analyzed according to the use method of the case is not open around the God sentences: Rainy Day chocolate and music with oh…… Wait, let me go out for a while……

Tucao go Tucao, others succeeded.

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