Hangzhou, a woman fell on the non motorized traffic police rescue

good has been praised by the people, people want to be able to carry forward the courageous act. In Hangzhou, at a crossroads in Hangzhou, Jianggan District, a middle-aged woman suddenly fell on a non motorized vehicle. Crossing the police on duty at the Pro Pro Chen immediately stepped forward to the heart and other emergency measures. The nearby police also quickly dispatched, to maintain order at the scene, leaving the life channel.

at this time, an ambulance passing by, the driver Gui Zhengxi initiative to stop, take out a manual breathing mask to the woman fell oxygen. Not far away, is the intersection of experiential learning driver female doctor Yang Guo after hearing this hurried.

rescue process, fell to the ground tightly holding the hand of the police, eyes focused on looking at everyone involved in the rescue. But unfortunately, even if we do our best, still can not pull the woman from the dead line.

with the help of the police, we participated in the activities of the rescue, the traffic police Chen later recalled, she held my hand or gradually loosened, eyes slowly closed after tears". Chen Lin also followed tears, on-site rescue personnel to help the families of the deceased remains will be carried to the car, the family of the deceased and rescue personnel for every hug.

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