Why the more money people spend the more money the more stingy people poorer

"look at the people around you, those small when wasteful please buddy food or money, now still has to spend those wasteful conditions, each one to pay when the bike doesn’t lock or no wallet people after many years, are still living a life of hardship!"

I don’t want to let this

he had one of his colleagues, extremely frugal, thrift to what extent? Almost never buy breakfast in the morning, you can rub it from the colleague on the rub, rub not to eat, is a smoker, almost never smoke, from colleagues who smoke, not to borrow money. In this way, it should be typical of the "savings" to get rich, right? In accordance with the principle of saving can go to the rich, he should be able to save a lot of money ah.

and his life? Since then, more need to be frugal, but also to withstand greater pressure. Really, what kind of mood, what kind of spending style to attract what kind of external environment to match it, it seems that the more reluctant to spend more money.

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