Take one hundred thousand yuan speculation can be desirable

one hundred thousand yuan is not a big number, but it is not a small number, not any one person can afford, and now if you have the amount of $one hundred thousand, then what would you do? Here Xiaobian to introduce a person, he chose the speculation, desirable?

A 26 year old photographer Xin

advantage: in addition to the familiar market speculation, more important is the relationship with the developers, and Never mind, do not rush into the city. With the developer and the relationship between the market, and developers generally have a very strong relationship with the consent of the developer prior consent. Because the relationship is good, once the sale is not satisfactory, the developer will return the deposit in full.

disadvantage: many of the city’s property market has revealed some weakness, just ask the real estate intermediary, although the high-end price of second-hand houses or new houses are blank, although people are listed in the cost increase a lot, looks up, but few people interested, which belongs to the line without the city.

a commodity in the absence of formal circulation before the "value-added" concept is just the book of virtual digital. Therefore, unless there is a "friend" relationship with the developer, to determine the sale of housing can not go out, it is best not to join the fun.

also do not ignore the risk of market signals has been issued, do not always think of such good price. After all, unlike the speculation stocks, the amount of money required not only big, but the risk of the two cannot be mention in the same breath, once caught up the cycle must be much longer than the stock market.

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