What are the key to start a business

has the idea, there is action, but this does not mean that we can succeed, in addition to the necessary efforts, but also pay attention to the key point when starting a business. Only step by step, in order to look forward to the bright future. Here, Xiao Bian will share with you the key to start the business.

1. advantage.

if you have expertise in a particular area, then engaged in the service or training. Beijing Forestry University, the army doctor, organized students to the school of agriculture, forestry technology to their hometown. If you do research on computer viruses, you may wish to hold high the "anti drug king" banner, door-to-door service antivirus, anti-virus.

2. binding interest.

3. correction defect.

4. no business.

5. seek alliance.

if you have some advantages, but independent operation also faced some difficulties, may wish to seek alliances with their related enterprises to realize their complementary advantages. For example, you have health care products of the new technology, can be linked with the existing well-known enterprises, with their management, funding and marketing channels, the introduction of products. This can achieve the sharing of resources, reduce the effect of investment risk.

6. good at learning.

7. virtual sales.

how to sell their lack of visibility products? This can be done by "virtual sales". For example, you mastered the key technology of a drug, you may wish to enter the field of other well-known drug sales agent, clear each link of drug sales, and gradually establish a perfect sales network, their products penetrate in the process. < >

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