Old mobile phone hidden gold to get 200 thousand yuan angel investment

today, the mobile phone service life is very short, not because of the quality, but the elimination update soon. From the function machines to intelligent machines, after repeated replacement tide "mobile phone market, the annual eliminated discarded mobile phone become invisible" killer of environmental pollution". However, the mobile phone is also waste a bonanza, Hubei University, a team of 4 members from the old mobile phone in refining out of gold, also recently received 200 thousand yuan angel investment.

the old mobile phone hidden in the "golden"   the project is the first

and made nearly 2 years of mobile phone agents and second-hand mobile phone trading classmate Wu Jiming is that those annoying e-waste contains enormous business opportunities. Because, China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, a data show that after processing and refining, 6700 waste mobile phones can produce 700 grams to 1400 grams of gold.

in November last year, through the market survey and field visits, Chen Shaojun and Wu Jiming found that the old mobile phone recycling channels rely mainly on street vendors and waste recycling station. "While every year hundreds of millions of old mobile phone, while the recovery of the market is not saturated, so that waste mobile phone developed" gold "should not be a dream." The two hit it off, going to the nuggets from waste mobile phone "".

layman to find technical support for   O2O mobile phone began "alchemy"

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