Dream for the light to guide the youth entrepreneurship to Changsha

this generation of college students entrepreneurs is undoubtedly very lucky, they met an unprecedented entrepreneurial support. Under the help of all sectors of society, entrepreneurial youth with courage and perseverance, so that their entrepreneurial road more smoothly.

focus + persistence entrepreneurship is the most powerful weapon

in the finals China innovation competition in the electronic information industry recently held, intelligent Changsha yuan electronic technology limited company of instant and alarm of vehicle fault diagnosis device project won the "award of excellence". The device has a mobile control language, alarm and other functions, has been in the car, BYD guard Zoomlion Kehuan sweeper, seamounts machinery environmental protection application mining pumping vehicle. Guo Yanrui, general manager of the Yuan Science and technology, said they focused on the development of electronic control system for sanitation vehicles, can be used to wash the car, sweeping vehicles, compressed garbage trucks and other vehicle control system solutions.

2007, graduated from Central South University, Guo Yanrui left Tsinghua University Shuoboliandu the opportunity to Changsha high tech Zone opened thegraduate business model, established the Changsha yuan electronic technology limited company, and in 2009 by the Central Propaganda Department confirmed for the national undergraduate business representative. Sum up their entrepreneurial experience, Guo Yanrui said, entrepreneurship must focus and adhere to.

and talk to Changsha high tech Zone impression, Guo Yanrui said here, besides a good entrepreneurial environment, also attach great importance to the college students’ entrepreneurship, and give a lot of support, reducing the risk of entrepreneurship early.

China in each big city, parking is a very popular phenomenon, a "car owners" very distressed. "It would be wonderful to have a smart phone that would tell the driver about the location of the car park, the route to the parking lot, and the parking space, and pay the parking fee online." Changsha large objects recommended

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