Five platforms to promote the employment and Entrepreneurship of the 2016 graduates

entered in 2016, a new batch of college graduates is about to embark on the community, began to work. College of mechanical and electrical Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship, and actively build entrepreneurial platform to achieve scientific and convenient employment.

— the establishment of information platform, convenient employment. To further improve and perfect the employment information service network, to establish the college website, QQ, WeChat, Fetion as the main body of the "four in one" information publishing platform, timely collect employment information, real-time updates. The college website will preach the recruitment unit time, venue, company profile, recruitment, resume delivery and other information to conduct a comprehensive publication, preaching before by QQ, WeChat, Fetion will preach time and place "point to point" key issued to graduates, relying on the network information service to achieve fast employment.

– rely on the guidance of scientific employment platform. According to the experience of graduates employment, lack of occupation information limited, college actively held "enterprise executives talk about employment" and "outstanding alumni forum", "employment high school and employment guidance activities for graduates to provide employment guidance. Help the students to be familiar with the national employment policy, to understand the social occupation information, understand the employment situation, change their concept of employment, personal development, scientific orientation, and constantly improve their own quality, master the job hunting skills, enhance the competitiveness of the workplace initiative and ability to adapt to society.

– build a docking platform, centralized employment. Under the condition of market economy, students and employment units are the two main employment, employment of college is responsible for the leadership and counselors actively assume matchmaking task, the employment unit "please come in" held seminars, fairs,   "go out" to a single understanding of college students employment information. College of mechanical and electrical engineering since September this year has organized 13 special recruitment field, accumulated for graduates to provide 100 jobs, in the school of special recruitment meeting, signed a total of more than 60 graduates, will achieve centralized employment through special recruitment.

perfect aid platform, full employment. The employment difficulties of graduates are divided into three categories: academic difficulties, lack of employability, family economic difficulties, to take different measures for different situations. To establish linkage mechanism with "student school parents" three party as the main body, in order to help the academic graduates difficult to successfully complete their studies; deepen the communication ability training project, to help improve the employment ability of graduates lack of communication ability and comprehensive quality, improve the ability for the job; family economic difficulties of college graduates to the temporary difficulties appropriate subsidies, full employment to help graduates.

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