Country to reduce the threshold of the implementation of the five welfare Entrepreneurship

in order to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of innovation, the five national welfare policy will support more people start! Further reduce the threshold to support entrepreneurs, science and technology personnel to support college students, returnees, but also to support migrant workers returning home innovation and entrepreneurship.

in Beijing recently held a national NPC and CPPCC first state-level large-scale international forum China development forum. National Development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi delivered an important speech and answered questions from reporters at the scene.

at the scene asked the next step will be to further stimulate the public enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, Xu Shaoshi first introduced the two government supported the "double" achievements, Xu Shaoshi said that in order to support public entrepreneurship, innovation better, has launched a public record, all the chips, Crowdsourcing, the Fu the "four public" platform to support public entrepreneurship, innovation, it should be said that the two years and achieved good results, new market players registered last year we had 4 million 400 thousand, increased by 12% to. Our technology trade reached about 998000000000 yuan last year, the growth rate is also very large, the value added of our emerging industries increased by 10.7%, which is higher than the overall profitability of the industry’s total of 12.7%.

for the future will launch what measures to support the public venture, the highly innovative, Xu Shaoshi said the government has five main business support, the first is the government decentralization, to further simplify the approval, open market. Second, we have to build a number of innovative demonstration base in our comprehensive reform zone, innovation demonstration zone. Third, we want to support the construction of a number of Internet public innovation platform, so that everyone on this platform to exchange information, to get a solution. Fourth, we need to strengthen financial support, the development of angel investment, venture capital, industrial investment and corporate bonds, etc. to support innovation and entrepreneurship. Fifth, we need to further reduce the threshold to support entrepreneurs, scientists and technicians to support college students, returnees, but also to support migrant workers returning home innovation and entrepreneurship.

to support innovation and entrepreneurship, the state government’s innovation demonstration base and support Internet innovation platform construction and other measures to provide strong support for more and more people in the industry, venture capital investment etc..

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