Chengdu enabled nternet plus innovation base of creative power conversion

now this era, no matter what industry, want to open a broader market, almost all can not leave the Internet channel. Sichuan City West to create innovative Internet economy, set up a "Internet plus" innovation base, make the incubator more to meet the needs of the age.

30 on the morning of Chengdu City, the first "Internet plus" innovation base to witness in the guests, in Besson Road No. 26 "Internet world" officially opened, "Su River coffee business also synchronized opening. This is the Internet for the District of Qingyang and China Telecom jointly build smart city experience base, innovation incubator platform is new technology, new business and innovation projects, market marketization, specialization, integration and network as one of the "public record space". Angel investment institutions, Su River sinks and the first batch of more than 10 entrepreneurial team was officially settled yesterday.

in 2015 with a APP mobile phone to get the first seed investment of angel investment institutions of University entrepreneurs Jiang Zhongchao told reporters, "to provide free office space here not only for our entrepreneurs, is a set of Internet thinking, applications, business models and user perception and experience of open cooperation platform for the integration of."

for young entrepreneurs, they are familiar with the Internet, businesses in this area, with its own unique advantages. Entrepreneurial base in the Internet grew up entrepreneurial enterprises, the market will be more sensitive.

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