12306 site grab tickets confusion show that there are more than and 400 can not buy

said that during the Spring Festival train ticket to buy tickets, in fact some lines before and after the New Year holiday no less than the spring tension. Recently, some people found that when buying tickets, found that there are still a lot of tickets, but did not show enough tickets after the order, how is this going on?

passenger > > show there are more than and 400, the next order has shown no ticket

in order to return to Ji’nan from Beijing on New Year’s day, Tang nearly a week ahead of schedule to start the 12306 site to buy train tickets in December 31st. "I think I bought some late, because the day before New Year’s train ticket must be very sought after, so the query ticket when the heart is disturbed." Mr. Tang said. Unexpectedly, in the mobile phone input 12306 official client from Beijing south to the west of Ji’nan, according to the ticket information that most trips have no tickets, but there are more than four train tickets are enough, "when I query, at least two bus seat also has more than and 400 tickets," Tang said mr..

see more than enough votes, Mr. Tang’s heart at ease, in accordance with the steps to submit orders, waiting for a while, the phone’s 12306 has shown that the ticket failed, there is not enough votes". Subsequently, Mr. Tang repeatedly tried many times, are the same results.

Chen also encountered the same situation and Tang, in order to buy a ticket, Ms. Chen more than 6 in the morning to get up, and so on to complete the maintenance of the system, at the time of 7 minutes to grab tickets. When I query, in addition to these four cars, there are a few times a few sporadic car tickets. I think the car ticket is too small, it is difficult to grab, first bought G167 ticket, but did not expect not to buy, when I want to buy the ticket, have been robbed." Speaking of this, Ms. Chen is still very upset.

on the 26 day, the reporter also through 12306 mobile phone client and 12306 official website to buy from Beijing in December 31st to Ji’nan in the South West of the ticket, the reporter noted, G31, G41, G261 and G167 of the train has 300 more than two seat ticket, and in addition to the four day trip, high-speed railway and motor vehicle almost all without a ticket. The reporter tried to buy tickets for these four cars, are also displayed orders have been submitted, the system is being processed, because there will not be enough tickets lead to booking failure.

12306 response to > > Yu Min for reference only

in order to find out the reasons for the emergence of this situation, 26 afternoon, reporters call the customer service phone 12306, the phone number 3510 operator told reporters, hundreds of seats for Mr. Tang and Ms. Chen saw on the site, and not Beijing south to the Ji’nan West ticket, "this train all station or is there a ticket between stations, but also will show the Beijing south to the west of Ji’nan, the ticket" the operator said that the 12306 system is so arranged. "The start of the query to show more than a letter"

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