A5 topic Several rebate site crash barbaric growth under the pyramid fraud

barbaric growth under the temptation of the temptation of the short-term interests of MLM fraud

Admin5 webmaster network reported that the recent number of rebate sites run away collapse, become the Internet webmaster and hot topic.

April, Pacific direct purchase network were investigated in Henan; at the end of May, Fujian hundred percent rebate network collapse, office headquarters was a member of the organized robbery; in June, "the Wenzhou business alliance" crash…… Rebate site suction gold controversy, questioned by more and more outside.

many rebate site is turning into the coat in business of illegal fund-raising and marketing platform, our country should as soon as possible the introduction of relevant laws and regulations for rectifying and standardizing the industry rebates.

a "hundred percent rebate network" members told reporters that in the early days of the "hundred percent rebate network", like other rebate website, they also consume through shopping rebates. Membership in the franchisee shopping 10 thousand yuan, 100% to the website to pay 1600 yuan, the daily $20 rebate to membership, totaling 500 rebate.

later, however, many members simply invest directly. Members pay 1600 yuan to the website can get the daily $20 rebate, the website from the daily $20 rebate member in charge a fee of 5%.

so, hundred percent rebate network to collect fees of 5% way agents and franchisees, and membership funds promised 100 days to 400 days, the net profit of high return "money" profit model.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao Lei introduced the "rebate" is an innovation of electronic commerce, the rebate rebate web site to form part of the profits of the profits to the consumer, can bring benefit to the user. This pattern is very mature in the United States, the early domestic rebate network environment is clean; but in the process of development, but many people see the huge speculative opportunities". Some sites do not sell goods, by the development of offline money; some businesses do joint Consumers Union false show the rebate, as long as a certain proportion of the payment of fees, not to buy goods participate in rebate.

in the temptation of huge profits, the speculative financial games in the country crazy spread. At present, this kind of Pseudomonas, virtual trading in the tens of thousands of shopping has become the industry’s so-called vanguard mode". According to China’s anti MLM Volunteer League survey, vanguard model of the site has reached more than 1 thousand, and can be formed in the scale of 3-4 months, half a year can bring together hundreds of millions of dollars of funds, tens of thousands of members.

the "million shopping" join "10000 mode" the initiator of evil. The so-called ten thousand model, there is no doubt that a fraud scam. Chinese MLM volunteer alliance president Lingyun told reporters that a large number of false in rebate, sooner or later will let rebate website produce the huge capital empty, led to the closure of the site. "The end of the site operators or money on foot or"

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