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SEO, a new station on the line before, according to the theory of SEO to take energy analysis keywords, website structure, submitted to the site, the feeble, everything looks very beautiful, improve the flow a little bit, but when the web search engine for your new reward period in the past, your web page in the sandbox to inspect, you found it very good ranking disappeared, my heart is filled with depressed? Sigh, spent so much energy, will be empty in the end.

In fact,

, web, we’re going to develop as foster baby, baby when the development is very fast, but sometimes extremely unstable, this time we must not be impatient, patience is the key. The site is the same, I will explain to you when new sites flow down or search engine rankings do not see, what to do.

1, to determine whether your site into the sandbox: "Jerry Mont in the way I judge:" magic Google sandbox effect has been specifically, you can go to my forum Jerry Mont column to find this article.

2, if it is determined that enter the sandbox, check whether they have suspected of cheating SEO: including the purchase link, whether SEO excessive and so on, these in my previous article also has said.

3, released the original content: may now the site to reprint type as much, too many reprint articles will make search engines that your site is rubbish station, so in the next few days, you should be released every day at least one original articles, let the search engine feel your site has the inflow of fresh blood, it is crucial to increase search engine friendly effect.

4, check your content: if your website is made of technology, then don’t stack entertainment content; if you do care, the clothing content or less is wonderful, there are now many webmaster do stand out basically contains the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, each field of the society, feeling it is the comprehensive information, but here I want to emphasize that, first, you are not Sina, these large Sohu established their portal, the timeliness of the information you can not match, and the search engine has reached the extent of their ingrained trust; second, if you are a person, or the operation of a small team website then, your energy is limited, too much reproduced may lead to a search engine solution. Here, I suggest, do stand to step by step from the beginning of a category, if in this piece, you feel very good, and then consider expanding.

, 5, who never give up: like Ma said, entrepreneurs did not retreat. The majority of our Internet entrepreneurs should have a firm belief that this way is not going to have left posterior, heart is not persevere, never give up the confidence of success. So, we have to remember that every day to update the site, it is best to have one or two original every day, insist on writing every day soft, do not forget to promote every day.

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