Human nature is the most important thing in the preparation of network marketing articles

philosophy: law is the essence of the development of objective things in the process, the inevitable trend of the development of things. All over the world, anything can find out the rules of. The preparation of network marketing articles also have rules to follow.

first, the title of the article should be eye-catching network marketing. Can browse the web content without reading. If the title is eye-catching, can not attract readers to continue to see the content of the article, so that it can not achieve the role of network marketing. So the topic should not be too long, to be properly joined to attract attention.

second, the contents of the network marketing article to enrich. The eight part of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is a kind of destruction to talents. Therefore, the network marketing must not stereotyped writing form. In the preparation of the article, do not write the academic report, there is no need to speak Mandarin, cliches, the content must be full.

third, the logic of the network marketing article should be clear. Clear logical structure, so that the reader with the shortest possible time to get the most want to know the content of the appliance is very attractive.

yes, such a network marketing the law so enlightened, can follow. Yes, this approach to writing articles on the purpose of network marketing, very useful. However, the law can not be summarized, but also inseparable from the people, talent is the main body of the article. Why do you say so?

first of all, the article is for people, not for the machine to see.

human beings are the world’s primates, the greatest human being is that people have brains, can think, have ideas. The text is an important source of information display. We can get information by speech, but also through the article to obtain information. Otherwise, how would there be so many languages in the world? The most widely used English, use the largest number of Chinese, German, French, and Italian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic, the language of the world is really too much. Each language has its own characteristics. A few days ago, the Northeast British Columbia’s video hits is very large. The mystery of language.

network marketing through the network to achieve the purpose of marketing. Marketing or sales, but different means. To do marketing, must not leave the article. The article is a direct and effective way for people to get information in the network. To achieve the purpose of network marketing, it is necessary to work on the article. The article is for people to see, therefore, from the emotional needs of people, from the point of view of the people, to write a network marketing articles, is the most important. People, ah, will eventually fall in a "love" word, emotion, emotion, complex, are inseparable from the situation". So, no matter what kind of network marketing articles, all with emotion, to read the hearts of the people in the end, in order to obtain emotion recognition.

may be, some people would argue that the network marketing also includes search engine optimization, and search engine optimization in the soft text editor is to filter the machine to improve the ranking. Having said that, but, have you ever thought of doing

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