Micro business began to withdraw from the circle of friends, transfer to the platform

Abstract: all the signs indicate that the micro business circle of friends is dead. This rely on layers of agents, the pressure of goods channels, overdraft interpersonal relationship has been outdated. With the micro V shop, pocket micro shop, pat micro shop platform micro business began to rise, taking micro circle of friends began to decline.


micro business is most likely to go beyond the new Taobao commercial form, in recent years, much controversy. Some people say that 2015 is the first year of micro business, also said to be micro business end. Whether it is the first year or 2015 Dynasty, become the most stirring of the derivative of a year. The author will be called the inflection point of micro business this year. Circle of friends left, right platform.

media, Daga mouthing

like Uber, behind the boom, but tremble with fear of chaos. Mainly due to the prosperity of the micro business is WeChat’s development and reduces the cost of marketing, so that all electricity providers and social electricity supplier to become a possibility; the two is the Taobao PC end of the bonus period is nearing completion, more and more individual users trying different possibilities through various channels. More and more people believe that the circle of friends to do business is the cheapest to get rich myth, a variety of thousands of thousands of people across the five Congress, the general assembly of a wave of waves. It is this "magic" "myth of wealth" and frequent marketing conference, has aroused strong concern of the media.

"descent" fraud, fraud, profiteering components amazing, this is for the first time through field visits for the first time, CCTV micro business mask manufacturing survey results reveal to the public in the form of video. For a time the industry buzz a Public opinion is seething with indignation.. It can be said that the exposure of CCTV is the biggest crisis ever occurred in the history of micro business development, some brands directly lying gun". However, after a lapse of one month after the CCTV once again on the micro dealer suspected pyramid schemes for violent fire.


flame seems to be more violent, if the first derivative is a question of "fake", the second is the nature of the "pyramid". CCTV will be micro business MLM is defined as three characteristics:

agents do not need to join the cost of direct purchase of goods can become a sales agent;

brand agents have multiple levels, the more goods, the higher the level, and the highest level of agents need to take a few tens of thousands of goods;

agent, you can develop secondary agents, which is commonly known as offline.

agents at different levels to take the price of goods, earn the difference between the level of income to be far higher than the direct sales, the higher the level of the agency to rely on the development of lower income agents get more. In the CCTV survey derivative rich mystery is: "the real money not by retail, but by the development of lower level agents, which means that counterfeiting and

show off!"

through the CCTV report, CCTV exposure can be roughly to figure out what the logic from query to qualitative, from products to the meeting. According to the current development of micro business point of view, the next step can be >

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