A5 winter Notebook PC activities successfully completed the first phase

as everyone knows, the webmaster is a group with computer network deal group, the Analects of Confucius said: "to do good work, must first sharpen his tools." For the Internet and equipment requirements, can be said to be the first choice of the webmaster, the notebook computer after several years of development, the price has declined, and the quality of configuration and good portability, has been favored by the majority of owners.

but the individual purchase of notebook computer, there are a lot of inconvenience, after all, the notebook computer or a high-end consumer goods, so the quality of notebook computer, warranty, and business reputation is very important to buy reference, more important is the high-end notebook computer, such as the IBM and other international brands, the price has been maintained at a high level water products, if there is no special channels, it is difficult to be loose in price.

Admin5 webmaster network visits to a large number of individual owners of the demand for notebook computers, and actively contact the organization, launched in the end of 08, buy a IBM laptop, a large webmaster buy action.

in the early publicity activities. Admin5 use of the advantages of the platform, actively carry out research in the webmaster group, there are nearly 500 owners to participate in voting or reply, group purchase behavior support network owners, after receiving the webmaster support, stationmaster net official and domestic well-known notebook computer sales site 51IBM sales manager contact, began a preliminary cooperation contact. Stationmaster net and find a independent sellers, in the full study of the seller’s sales qualification and product quality after several sales displayed on the same platform, to the needs of the owners group purchase choice, this increased diversity, webmaster selection through PK, the price has been significantly decreased finally, the owners chose 51IBM as a partner in group purchase.

on the other hand, opened the group purchase IBM official QQ group, in three days, a total of more than 170 owners take the initiative to join the group purchase activities, in all aspects, the webmaster to put forward their own views and need to understand the problem, and the most concentrated problems, or in the group purchase price and quality of notebook notebook.

webmaster staff during the event, on the one hand to actively maintain communication and consultation, the webmaster to answer questions, on the other hand, please sent a professional 51IBM website, one by one solution to the problem through the webmaster, webmaster network publicity channels of communication, in the consultation process to participate in the activities of intangible also makes a further understanding of the webmaster a large number of notebook related knowledge.

finally, at the end of the registration activity, a total of 10 owners purchased 11 models IBM laptop and stationmaster net staff in the group purchase after still tracking the activities of a buyer Mr. Li for the first time will be received in his own notebook to the staff, and said happy "the price discount, delivery fast, product quality is also very good, very satisfied with group purchase activities, other buyers also have the same representation.

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