How to build iron and steel enterprises Transformers

iron and steel enterprises is an important pillar industry of our national economy, with the development of the times, more and more enterprises begin to seek transformation, especially in the continuous impact of the Internet economy, the iron and steel enterprises started to change their ideas towards diversification and the development of the Internet, therefore, more and more become the electricity supplier of steel the bright younger generation important economic development of the Internet, but after all, the iron and steel enterprises is an important leading industry industrial enterprises, the problems brought by the transformation of the Internet it logistics, value chain and a series of Internet and electric business operation mode will be worth thinking in the iron and steel enterprises "deformation" problem.


iron and steel enterprises urgent deformation

technology in the Internet more and more developed, e-commerce platform is more and more widely, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to their transformation of the way the Internet, through the transformation of enterprises to adapt to the trend of development of the Internet era, the realization of enterprise online operation better, therefore, at present, many enterprises have opened their own online payment the platform, and some state-owned banks have established their own online payment platform, a variety of environmental stimuli makes the traditional industry must actively integrate the electronic commerce technology, iron and steel enterprises as the most important traditional enterprises in development mainly rely on the traditional market, but, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that last year, e-commerce transaction volume Chinese more than 10 trillion yuan, the bulk of transactions including steel, has reached a hitherto unknown scale Chinese, e-commerce has entered into a rapid development period from the period of rapid development, iron and steel enterprises the development of the Internet will be a new era, only to seize the historical opportunity, actively carry out "deformation" to seek long-term development of enterprises.

steel enterprise "deformation" bottleneck

held in the days before the "SEER cloud era — steel silver platform conference, China e-commerce innovation alliance Secretary General Xu Jingwei pointed out that competition is not the future of e-commerce is the brand competition, but behind the platform of the whole supply chain, the whole process of competition. The iron and steel enterprise restructuring is not false, but behind the transformation of the whole industry chain innovation and the transformation of the entire logistics industry chain of iron and steel enterprises in the construction and transfer of funds will be an important part of steel limit the development of electronic commerce, electronic commerce requires trading, payment, logistics, warehousing and many other links, these links for steel electricity providers have to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to ensure the implementation, the more constraints for deformation, the development of iron and steel enterprises and the double marketing process this kind of online and offline is a kind of new opportunities and challenges for the steel electricity supplier.

to build iron and steel enterprises Transformers

Internet era trend is for any enterprise or individual can not stop, therefore, iron and steel group only actively adapt to this trend, the better enterprises towards the direction of the Internet development, the establishment of "platform + + logistics finance model, through this model.

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