Gather the strength of the webmaster of the National Association to invite you to grow together

in time and again on behalf of China around the webmaster organizers alliance webmaster Association ( has launched a grand launch yesterday, the first day has received from all over the country and local organizers of the webmaster webmaster support, currently has 20 local organizations to become the first batch of outstanding owners through the examination of the station, at the site of the head and at the bottom of the sign hanging. At the same time in order to better promote the promotion also launched a mutual promotion channels, there have been hundreds of sites from all over the country to participate in the promotion of mutual interaction and there are more sites to join the audit.

the webmaster association established invited include refusing to swim fish, A Fei, Li Mingshun, Wang, figure Fan Qing, Cai Liwen, gJj, blocking, hadron, Zhang Xiang and other famous owners to participate in consultation, by the laggards, China station, A5 station network, China station, the club owners, net, I the development of WEB network, lecture, love station aggregation, intranet, voice and many other well-known webmaster webmaster and get the support of the media, including DEDECMS, SHOPEX, Google, Baidu alliance alliance, pig, Yanhuang network, TenPay, Alipay, NSFocus, Interactive Encyclopedia, NTALKER and many other Internet companies the dinglixiangzhu. The domestic well-known community laggards, well-known webmaster aggregation platform like to gather at the site were prominently marked "webmaster Union Station" logo, other co owners of media are also through many aspects of publicity and promotion, thank you very much.

webmaster association was founded in mind is passed around the organizers of the United Station led the local station groups together to learn to communicate, learn from other outstanding propaganda group member station, jointly enhance the national station in the local influence and visibility. At the same time with the integration of existing resources better, grow together in the winter of the Internet gathered together, to resist the cold wind, to meet the Internet tomorrow bright spring days.

if you are willing to communicate with the owners, if you are influential local owners of the organizer, if your website needs to learn to walk, if you have what difficulty we need to help you solve, then please join webmaster Association, invite you to grow together.

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