Hundreds of companies closed down the electricity supplier business model to end

The prospects for the

generation business model may not look as optimistic as before.

agent in a number of major cosmetics Tmall business, polymerization beauty (Hangzhou, a generation of operating companies) decided to launch its own brand. The reason is for operating profit rate is too low, we must be in transition, so as not to completely become victims of that.

and polymerization of the United States on behalf of the situation of the electricity supplier on behalf of the operating company, has died in Hangzhou hundreds of. Good old days can not lose the high growth almost come to an end, for the generation of operators not much leeway: most of them began to seek a new way or brand dealers, or upgrade to its own brand, or turned the solution provider, or simply close down completely.


data show that the electricity supplier on behalf of the operating market share has reached 10 billion yuan, and an annual growth rate of 300% growth. But according to the experience of practitioners to determine, the growth rate is far from expected.

look at the entire generation of the operation of the industry, whether it is efficiency, quality of service, or credibility are in varying degrees of decline. Many signal indicates that the electricity generation operation is stepping into the sunset industry, possibly even completely collapse in one or two years.

market chaos is not high and low on the

most of the generation of operating companies because the investment is too high, there is no right to speak of the core technology and products, is unlikely to become the industry giant." Electricity supplier on behalf of the operating company founder An Shihui pointed out that Rui Jinlin.

it is understood that the previous generation operators are targeting the U.S. electric generation operation originator GSI to do, but the other powerful front-end and back-end sales network supply chain management capabilities, far from domestic practitioners can follow.

public information, there are a total of 18 categories of Tmall on behalf of a total of more than 377 companies on behalf of the operator, which has a front-end, the overall capacity of the back-end hosting less than half of the operation of the company.

, the industry’s basic operations on behalf of the lack of high-end, gathered in the low-end operators disorderly competition, simply can not be climate." Polymerization beauty brand director to billion state power network said, when electricity generation operation in the domestic industry has just the rise of a limited number, although there are also factors not standardized, but the overall pattern is clear and lucrative.

"Everyone can see

on behalf of the operators have meat to eat, began their own separate portal." Because of the low entry barriers, many small and medium-sized operators will be composed of the three five troupes quickly invaded, completely messed up generation market, also let profits become thin.

in addition to low profits, small and medium scale generation carrier service quality is uneven, is not conducive to maintaining stable customer relationships, business is difficult to form a normal.

, according to industry sources, in order to make money, on behalf of the operators, frantic search for all types of customers, beyond the category category of their own good outside dare orders, causing a great waste of resources and vicious competition.


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