Search engine national team was born CCTV search is at the testing stage

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last week, the first major search engine Baidu was black, the second major search engine Google "want to go still stay". At the same time, CCTV search engine quietly on the line, although it is still a beta version, the scope of the search is limited to the contents of CCTV network, but also attracted the attention of the industry.

as undertaken by CCTV to create a "China television network" into the network video field mainly in private, "CCTV search" with a pure lineage national team officially joined the domestic search industry competition. In fact, the current domestic market in search of the "national team" and the end of 2008 officially launched the "Xinhua search", with Baidu, Google as a public search engine, search through various websites to get the results.

exactly how these "national team" strength and future prospects? Is it possible to have a transformative impact on the domestic search market segment?


CCTV search is in the testing phase

it is understood that CCTV search engine is still in the testing phase, can be seen in the home page, the search classification mainly "video", "Web", "news", "picture" of four categories, compared with other domestic search engine, search classification remains to be perfect. Reporters try to use a search, found that its search results are from CCTV network, and can not search the contents of the national network tv.

analysts pointed out that this feature is still limited to the content of the CCTV network search, but the page style compared with the previous CCTV station search, obviously has the trend to provide the whole network search. It can only be said to be a semi finished search engine".

currently, CCTV network has not made any comment on the relevant search plan.


currently limited competitiveness

according to the latest survey of foreign companies survey shows that in the second half of 2009, Google China’s market share has grown rapidly, market share has risen to 43%. And its competitors Baidu’s market share dropped to 56%.

if Google really pulled out of China, the market share of 40%, really make people coveted.

analysis of the industry, if Google quit, the domestic search engine may no longer be two strong opposition. By then, Google users will be Baidu, Sogou, YAHOO and other Chinese carve up, Baidu’s first position in the country more consolidation. At the same time, Sogou, Youdao, YAHOO, Microsoft Chinese Bing and other search engines between the competition will be more intense, turns dominate. However, Google yesterday announced the full restoration of business in China, such a scene should not appear.

CCTV search, this is a netizen to become a national search engine at this time to take off, had to let people feel it is coming to a share of the. "Although located in ‘only’

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