Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng do not need to borrow Zhou Hongyi brush sense of presence

cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng

sina science and technology news on August 28th morning news, the Internet Conference in on August 26th -28 held in Beijing National Convention center. Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng session at the scene said that although he and Zhou Hongyi are 360 and scores, but this page is over, no need to use Zhou Hongyi brush presence".

Fu Sheng was 360 executives, Zhou Hongyi is one of his mentor and "noble", but the two sides against each other. "Over this page, let go; but for questioning the occupation ethics, I do not accept." Fu Sheng said.

2005 Fu Sheng joined the Qihoo 360, leading the team to create security software 360 security guards. In 2009, he served as CEO and chairman of the board, and in 2010 merged with kingsoft. March 25, 2014, Jinshan network renamed cheetah Mobile Corporation, Fu Sheng cheetah Mobile Corporation CEO.

can be cattle, Fu Sheng company launched a variety of security products, and 360 positive competition, which makes Zhou Hongyi very dissatisfied. In September 30, 2011, 360 in the high court in Hongkong sued Fu Sheng, said the latter 360 confidential information, the development of computer security software "cattle free antivirus". Qihoo also said Fu violated the duty of confidentiality, and poach Qihoo 360 engineer.

The relationship between

and Fu Sheng 360 and Zhou Hongyi from a sudden turn for the worse. Zhou Hongyi later said, "if Fu Sheng doesn’t mention me, I don’t have a sense of being". In today’s interview, Fu Sheng claimed that he did not need to rely on the existence of a sense of brush week, leaving 360 want to do things they can control.

for the outside world will move cheetah called "small 360", Fu Sheng said with a smile, I hope one day we can put 360 called "cheetah".

following is the essence of Fu Sheng speech excerpt:

– the first part of the cheetah to play a strategic role in a local, while access to development opportunities, so became a very independent company. Even the pieces, but also a "stage" of the pieces.

: we are in the 3 years of development history, experience the most violent fire company, of course is the love and hatred of 360. At that time, we are the only one of the rapid development of the security company, the opponent is the industry first, the inevitable confrontation.

– leave 360, just want to do a thing to control their own, do not want to look back. 360 of the reverse road show, gave me a better exercise, so that I am different from the road show.

: this page (with Zhou Hongyi entanglements) over, let go; but for questioning the occupation ethics, I do not accept.

– my sense of being has no need to rely on 360. This is like the war of resistance against Japan: we certainly can not live only by the memory of the war of resistance against Japan, but the Japanese to deny the Nanjing massacre, we must be different

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