WeChat public numbers which rose pink function you have not used

as the saying goes "the house again, but also sleeping three feet of the bed; delicacy more, but also three meals a day is for the public, WeChat, WeChat official time will launch a new function, but we did not go to a lot of operators concerned about this problem, if we just order push content and operation of the public number, so we don’t need to do. Because the core of the operation is emotional exchange, the highest level of marketing is the feelings. If you just push the content, then our fans are difficult to grow up, you may spend a lot of time but did not get the appropriate harvest. So what do we know about the function of WeChat’s public number? Do you know which features are good for us to grow our fans?

WeChat public function official functions and the development of the third party function, today I would like to specifically talk about the background of our WeChat public what we have what features, can increase the function of the fans and what.

now has a total of 7 functions, but our general operators, so we used the four functions, such as:


1 mass function

mass function is the time to push the contents of the day we need to use as shown in Figure:



chooses the content and we can send it.

2 auto reply

3 multi customer service

4 voting management

5 WeChat wifi

6 card function

7 custom menu

what is the most commonly used in which the mass function is essential, because we push the contents of the day will be used. So what are some of the features of our fans?

1 custom menu



at the bottom of our homemade drama, surprise, contact me through the custom menu settings. Then someone will ask, what are the benefits of doing so

1 we can contact our QQ or our WeChat, and we can interact through the fans, it is best to set up a QQ group (too many fans we can build more, after a group of only 2000 people) or build a tribe, through which everyone in a group which can communicate with each other so, everyone’s feelings also established

2 is the number of other traffic. We can also have their own website or other micro signal, through the custom menu, we can directly guide the fans to

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