Ali busy with the layout of the new retail Jingdong did not idle quietly opened three stores

The new

standard retail Alibaba, Jingdong has already in the new retail layout.


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February 20, 2017, the Alibaba held a new retail strategy conference in Shanghai, announced a strategic cooperation with brilliance, Shanghai as the experimental field of new retail. However, according to the interface news reporter visited found that the new retail benchmarking of Alibaba, Jingdong has already in the new retail layout.

The strategic layout of

is different from the "high high" Alibaba, Jingdong offline store low-key and secret. Interface news reporter found that in Beijing, Aegean Sea and Tongzhou Wanda, as early as the figure under the Jingdong line store.


Jingdong Beijing Aegean Sea

in Beijing Chaoyang District Aegean Sea as an example, the Jingdong named entities under the line "· Jingdong; Beijing choose space", is located in Yonghui supermarket inside.

August 2015, Jingdong 4 billion 310 million yuan shares Yonghui supermarket, Jingdong Yonghui supermarket group will hold 10% of the shares, and the appointment of two independent directors. At the time of the release, the Jingdong shares reason given is joint procurement, warehousing and logistics, through exploring cooperation O2O, finance and information technology and other aspects of the line."

no matter how high-profile investment, shares, strategic cooperation, must be established in a solid landing link.

Aegean Sea in Beijing Jing Xuan space store, the reporter saw the news on the interface of 3C, the main products of digital products, which is consistent with the Jingdong’s overall competitive advantage, 3C products to test the water with the best Jingdong, supply chain optimization, the experimental results can be seen.


Beijing selected space display goods

from the display counter, the whole shop area is not large, about 20 square meters. Located in the central Yonghui supermarket staff, there are about 3-4 for merchandise display and user guide, the staff told reporters, Jing Xuan space is mainly in order to help the user to see the real goods, shopping process optimization.

the entire shopping process is divided into two types of goods in store display and non store display. Can be paid by way of online scan code, the clerk can help complete the operation.


store in Beijing to display the space shopping process

clerk told the reporter that the Aegean Sea, the store opened in November 2016, has been nearly 4 months. There are few media reports, and no specific data. The country now has a total of three similar physical stores, the other two are located in Beijing, Tongzhou Wanda and southwest Chongqing.


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