Airbnb announced the acquisition of 1 billion debt financing money Unicorn also began to quanqian.

and Uber and Lyft, the U.S. housing rental site Airbnb the unicorn’s business model determines that it does not need to make money through the burn money.


but money is usually easy to "find" the unicorn, and accompanied by a high valuation and a whoop and a holler. Like Airbnb, it has just received a $1 billion debt financing from a number of banks (which was initiated by Bloomberg, which has since been confirmed by Recode).

lending bank includes J.P. Morgan (JP Morgan Chase), Citigroup (Citibank), Bank of America (Bank of America) and Morgan Stanley (Morgan,). These banks are also likely to become Airbnb’s future IPO Underwriters (probably very profitable). Currently Airbnb valuation of 25 billion 500 million, and last year completed a $1 billion 500 million financing.

, according to Bloomberg reported earlier, Airbnb planned for later this year will provide more kinds of users travel service (such as a guided tour and so on), and the money will probably push the business into the market as soon as possible to become a new profit growth point. In addition, the money may further accelerate the expansion of the global market for Airbnb.

but the most interesting thing about the loan is that Airbnb doesn’t seem to be short of money. In fact, Airbnb’s current business situation seems to be more stable than other large Unicorn companies (such as big data companies Palantir and Uber):

1, from the market point of view, Airbnb and not many major competitors, political problem is the biggest obstacle to the business (for example, Airbnb proposed short rent regulation proposal had caused great controversy in San Francisco; Airbnb into other countries in the short term also difficult because of political reasons), and to overcome this problem requires long term.

2, from the point of view of income, according to Bloomberg, Airbnb since its inception in 2008, the total loss of not more than $250 million, but only last year’s turnover reached $1 billion.

but some recent examples may help to answer this question. In April of this year, the ambitious office communications platform Slack valuation of $3 billion 800 million in financing (this round of financing $200 million). Slack, who is familiar with the company’s plans, said: "it’s just that you need to take all the necessary opportunities when you have the ability to make money."

although not this year, but

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