Guo Tong because fried letter was rookie downline downline express company has reached 13

original title: rookie was off the assembly line courier company reached 13

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Li Duo, Wang Yun) Guo Tong due to speculation letter has become a rookie off the assembly line thirteenth courier companies. Rookie network announced yesterday, National Express empty package letter speculation in some regions, violation of the cooperation agreement, from May 4th officially closed the company’s online order for a month, until the rectification and then decide whether the service recovery.

with the previous line of 12 courier companies like country exist to help businesses through "buy space to sell" brush high trading volume, improve the business credit "credit speculation behavior. Founded in 2013, the rookie network has now gathered hundreds of logistics courier company, currently serving Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other Ali Department of electricity providers, the majority of the share of the National Express parcel. Offline means that the country will not be able to enjoy a single network of information service, and the aforementioned platform is no longer supported the service of the courier company.

rookie said that the reason was not formally off the assembly line in May 4th, I hope to be able to give the country now use more time to look for alternative businesses, will not affect the normal delivery of businesses.

states as a national network of courier companies, is a rookie in the courier industry, one of the 14 close partners in the industry has a certain status and influence. Insiders believe that the rookie so massive and intensive fight courier letter, it is possible in the short term for the courier industry to produce a greater shock. Because behind the rookie network is the entire Ali Department of logistics needs, even if only a month off the assembly line to a few months, the courier company’s business will have a great negative impact.

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