Pinterest recommended traffic this month or Chaoya tiger ranks fourth in the world

Beijing time on August 8th morning news, after several months of exposure, in recent weeks, the report of the outside world gradually calm Pinterest. However, according to the latest data released by Shareaholic show that this social image sharing site is still growing rapidly, is expected in August will surpass YAHOO, the world’s fourth largest recommended sources of traffic.

this year from May to June, in the Shareaholic network on about 200 thousand sites, Pinterest recommended traffic growth of 43.7%. The next June to July, this increase was 15.97%. Even by June to July, the low growth rate, in the year of August Pinterest recommended traffic will exceed YAHOO.

now, in the same use of Shareaholic as a tool to share the site, Pinterest’s recommended traffic has exceeded the Bing and Twitter, the distance is about to be surpassed YAHOO is only 0.1% of the gap. Currently, Google (micro-blog) is still the largest recommended Shareaholic member site traffic sources, followed by Facebook, YAHOO ranked third.

U.S. technology blog TechCrunch reporter Sara · (Sarah) reported that as early as June, Pinterest in the Shareaholic recommended traffic rankings have exceeded Bing, Twitter and StumbleUpon (Perez). By the way, Google+ doesn’t even appear in the Shareaholic rankings. According to Shareaholic, a spokesman said, in July, Google+ recommended traffic is negligible 0.06%.

Shareaholic said that the company’s data is based on more than 20 network publishers to calculate the recommended traffic, these publishers monthly audience of more than 270 million people. It is worth noting that, Shareaholic data may not be able to reflect the situation of the entire Internet, but the data provided by other third party service providers, but also with the Shareaholic data in general. (Zhu Fei)

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