The 2 letter million new Wanning domain name transactions

renamed Chinese ( February 13th news, recently, Ian spent about one million bought a pile of letters domain name.


domain name is excellent, the homonym meaning "Youyou, yo, friends, customers, swimming and so on, and also the NetEase UU, yoyo games, UU network telephone, yoyo cloud, UU assistant, film and television, and many other good friends of the friends of the car terminal or homophonic name.



: UU network phone

2 character.Cn stack of letter names only 26 in the world, is extremely valuable to. Therefore, the domain name from the second letter overlap angle is valuable. Recently, the domain name, Hangwei, to millions of price package sold, the original is used to do a platform, perhaps is surging to compensate for their own, so I spent about one million to buy

United States famous furniture chain Restoration Hardware recently acquired two letters short domain name and (Restoration Hardware official website domain name is The domain name can be understood as "Miami, membership, picturesque and other means, it is the abbreviation of rhodium element symbols.


domain investor small flash, today sold two female buyers is the domain name domain name, veteran Zhong Bin. has "Wanning, snail, net cow, Vigny, Wanning" and so on.

2 letter domain the biggest advantage is easy to input, a brief note that ".CN" as our country domain name suffix in Chinese domain name trading circle of prices, coupled with the recent circle of friends many meters two letter CN meters short investment enthusiasm, makes this kind of domain name market rose.

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