Tencent invested 58 city behind the social commercial icebreaker and closed loop break

Extended reading: Tencent $736 million stake in 58 city on the small enterprise resource Tencent 58 + Decameron: social information becomes O2O day? Tencent to spend $736 million acquisition of a 19.9% stake in the city of 58

text / Xu Guoyun

ancient emperor to the princes’, this has cast princes to enclose three.

June 27th evening, 58 city announced that the Tencent invested $736 million to get a fully diluted shares of the city after the 19.9% of the shares of Tencent, social commercialization and the next city".

by this positive stimulus, 58 city today closed at $54.90, up $2.68, or 5.13%.

CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city is full of confidence after the announcement, micro-blog express achievement: $736 million in the case, from the start to finish talking about 10 days".

in accordance with the announcement of the 58 city, in this transaction, Tencent will be $20 per share price to buy a class of shares of class and class B common stock of $58.

due to 58 per American Depositary Receipts equivalent to 2 ordinary shares, which means that the Tencent is equivalent to the purchase price of $40 per American depositary receipts, compared to $50 per share before the close yesterday, equivalent to twenty percent off shares.

in accordance with the crown of the most understanding, this is the second public comment, a taxi drops, Jingdong, Locke investment, Tencent expansion O2O and electricity supplier ecosystem again, however, this is also the Tencent behind the ecological, social and commercial icebreaking anxiety 58 local service transaction closed loop breaking.

, a good data is "good"


to talk about the 58 city, 58 city in the first quarter earnings is very brisk, up losses is not the core, the core point is 48 million 200 thousand to achieve revenues of $58 city first quarter, an increase of 103% over the same period in 2013, which is doubled.

this doubling of performance has been listed for 58 city, is a very positive signal, separately, the number of paying members 58 in the first quarter increased by 77%, the direct contribution of $27 million 500 thousand in revenue, more rapid growth is online promotion, the first quarter of this year increased by 146.8% over the same period last year.

take a look at the mobile terminal, after the Spring Festival, 58 city traffic soared, the first month of more than 200 million independent users, the mobile terminal page views over the PC side, and, there are more than 51% page views from the mobile terminal.

at that time, Yao Jinbo in the senior analyst meeting revealed, "according to our understanding of the third party data, leading from us in traffic and dragged a large market share above and competitors".

Yao Jinbo’s market share figures are expected to be in 2014 to fight for the dominant market share of the year.


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