Declaration on malicious promotion


      recently, reflecting the large number of users, especially in the Guangdong area, Guangzhou city appeared when users enter the domain name and favorites by malicious redirection work vein network phenomenon. Users are considered to be on the web to write on the web page malicious code or do a rogue promotion, to these areas of the Internet users have brought great inconvenience. After receiving the user’s response, we checked all the code on the page to ensure that there is no virus code, no records have been modified.

      here, I solemnly promise to all users on behalf of net of duty arteries and veins: we are not in any plug-in promotion business had done promotion, also do not have any cooperation and any malicious virus promotion. No more virus code on the page!

      the vast majority of users do not know our website, appeared in the domain name redirection problem, on the contrary, other parts of the network users own duty arteries without any domain name redirection problem, this means it is not duty arteries web page itself is a virus, but some people rely on this to have an ulterior motive despicable means to damage our reputation and overwhelm our server! The brand has been greatly damaged in the whole event! As a serious, formal recruitment search operators, we hope that through formal market promotion, to allow more users to use our convenient search service, rather than damage the interests of users use unscrupulous divisive tactics to entice users to our website.
      for the emergence of this situation, we will check in the end, to find the cause of the matter as soon as possible. At the same time also hope that users can reflect the situation in time to see if their machines have been secretly installed what plug-ins, timely update anti-virus software to clear these malicious viruses!
      finally, I would like to thank those who give us timely reflect the situation of the users, to those of the pulse of the network users to express my most sincere thanks! Thank you for your support! At the same time, I also hope that those who attempt to suppress us through this despicable means, in order to improve their market share and the brand’s competitors, to stop this kind of bad behavior! To participate in the market competition in a normal way is the basic character of a company!
      we will reserve the right to resort to legal means to resolve the event!

CTO Zhao Jian

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