Grassroots college students 90 minutes to bring millions of venture capital lobbying

90 minute speech won 1 million 200 thousand yuan venture capital to start from the school graduation! For the formalities of Zhongnan Branch of Wuhan University of science and technology 2004 MBA students Liu Tongzhou, is the school many students called the "best" of the entrepreneurial students.


prize winner

mashiqianti Orsay entrance

22 year old Liu Tongzhou, from Henan, Zhumadian, an ordinary farm. High school has won three national Olympic competition award he could have walked the famous university, determined to participate in college entrance examination. Unexpectedly, the college entrance examination mathematics Tiantu wrong line, causing him to lose an election a college.

University, Liu Tongzhou has a strong interest in computers and the Internet, every morning at 5:30, he got up to explore the knowledge of computers and the Internet, etc.. Junior, Liu Tongzhou began to try to build their own website, and proxy domain registration and hosting and other aspects of the business.

before graduation, Liu Tongzhou initially to their position is to work, find a monthly salary of not less than 1500 yuan to work. Last October, when he got ready to go to Wenzhou to work in a company, was told that "last year, not before leaving".

unexpected late harvest good chance

at the end of last October, because in the dormitory fees paid by others to buy the domain name query whether the arrival, always advance to the classroom Tongzhou Liu first late. After class, Liu Tongzhou to the "business negotiation" class teacher explained the reason for his lateness. Not only did the teacher criticize Liu Tongzhou, he will write a business plan, and recommended him to Wuhan University EMBA class to make a speech.

1.5 hours to win a $1 million 200 thousand investment in

The teaching of "

Liu Tongzhou" business negotiation teacher, then study in Wuhan University EMBA class, and more than 20 students in the class are the cause of the achievement of the enterprise executives. The first year to earn 1 million, earn $second in 5 million, earning $10 million in third……" Liu Tongzhou ‘s grand business plan has suddenly picked up the interests of these bosses.

that morning, Liu Tongzhou spoke for 1.5 hours. The presence of the more than 20 boss students, without exception, was moved by Liu Tongzhou.

Liu Tongzhou from his first independent website about how to speak, the prospects for the development of this industry, is how to speak their own spare time less than two months on the development of more than and 800 examples of customers, about how to operate after the founding of the company, said the first year after the establishment of the company to earn 1 million is how calculated.

a week later, Liu Tongzhou raised a total of more than 120 yuan of venture capital, but also began to take the most solid step in his business. In December 21st last year, the registered capital of 1 million yuan in Wuhan perfect network service Co., Ltd. was founded, is still reading senior Liu Tongzhou, chairman of the company.

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