On the shortcomings of FLASH format in network advertisement

in the process of website construction, FLASH format images or streaming media advertising has good performance means, visual effect is better than general animation, so it has been widely used in some websites, but FLASH also has its own defects, especially considering the effect of network marketing, advertising is not the best FLASH format choice, sometimes even reduce the advertising effect. To talk about the reasons for network Qi which.

The main problems of

FLASH advertising are:

(1) if you do not install the FLASH plugin, this ad can not be displayed properly. Show that online marketing new observation site traffic statistics, about 3% of the users have not installed Shockwave Flash, although the proportion is not big, but if you can use GIF simple format to achieve the same effect, it is completely unnecessary to the user.

(2) cannot view the properties of the advertisement". This will not be able to know the size of the ad, the number of bytes, linked to the URL, sometimes, the user wants to know the information of an ad bar itself, by clicking the right mouse button can not get the information.

(3) no significant increase in the number of advertisers website link. It is impossible to see the advertising site links, so this ad can not be search engine as a link to other web sites to calculate the weight of the site to increase the weight of no significance.

(4) cannot set the "ALT" attribute for an advertisement. This will lose the opportunity to be retrieved by the search engine.

(5) users are not convenient to save the FLASH image to your computer, unless it is on the web page advertising, through the entire page to save the way to save.

so, why many websites are keen to use FLASH format ads or pictures? In fact, this is a misunderstanding lead to the application of new technology, if we look at the domestic and foreign professional website carefully, rarely see the application of FLASH format ads, such as Yahoo, Ebay, internet.com, 6688.com, dangdang.com, www.ite258.com and so on. I believe these websites are lack of power to create FLASH images, but considering the actual effect, the professional website will not go to pursue the technology itself, whether FLASH advertising design is not the purpose, the key is the best marketing effect.

network to sum up, Qi everyone’s opinion is: at present, although the application of FLASH in many areas have achieved great success, but when applied to the website pictures and BANNER advertising, should use less as far as possible.

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